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History of the Society

Our Society was formed following a meeting convened in the Ulster American Folk Park in June 1981 by Michael Murphy the then Chief Executive of the Western Education and Library Board to ascertain whether there was sufficient local interest to support such a society. Since this initial meeting was attended by 106 people the outcome was in little doubt and the Folk Park has remained our venue of choice ever since.

John Gilmour, the Education Officer of the Folk Park had sparked the idea by having a series of successful lectures on 18th century emigration during the previous winter and as a result the Society was formally launched in September 1981 as the Omagh and District Historical Society.

The current name was adopted to reflect the wider distribution of the membership during the first year of the Society while under the chairmanship of Cyril Bailie.

A summer outing has always been an integral part of the Society's calendar - the broad spectrum of venues reflects assiduous personal research by the committee who undertakes the arrangements each year - an effort greatly appreciated by the membership at large.

That the incipient Society survived and prospered is largely due to the dedication of early committee members such as William McGrew, Robert McKinley, Moyra Teague, Norman Johnston, Jane O'Donnell, Haldane Mitchell and Hazel Henderson to name but a representative few.

Office Bearers during the Life of the Society
Alan Burges
Eric Montgomery
John Gilmour
Cyril Bailie
Norman Johnston
David Haddow
John Bradley
Una Timoney
Alisdair Moran
Honorary Secretaries:
John Gilmour
Jane O'Donnell
Harry McCartney
Una Timoney
William Haugh
Alisdair Moran
Sheena McClure
Honorary Treasurers:
Seamus Shields
P A Maglochainn
Hazel Henderson